Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tips to Keep the Bathroom Smell / FRAGRANCE

Before begins your activity in the morning, who that doesn't go to bathroom/closet? How many time you go to closet a day? Maybe more than 5 times a day. It’s not impossible, a room that usually its measure 1 x 1 square meter necessarily( since right usually been visits) need to get special treats, that we cozy lie in it.

There is simple tips and a bargain to keep your bathroom still fragrant( not necessarily buys aromatherapy that expensive). Taking an ex plastic water bottle size 500 ml; insert cleansing liquid and floor deodorant until 1 / 4 bottles. One that has once been tried( fragrance "Lemon"). Then to hasten the sublimate inserts alcohol liquid 70 & one be easily to be bought at pharmacy. If your closet are sitting models, place aqua bottle( without close) already been filled liquid previously under flush tank. Fragrance odor will scatter to all bathroom corners. So you will perceive cozy, although be at closet. Hereafter you can modify it by hide Aqua plastic bottle at delft pot to be placed near washbowl or bathroom. Home-made deodorant more cheap than buy toilet deodorant.

Hopefully this tips can help You….

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