Sunday, July 18, 2010

Attractive variegation at Mini Bathroom

Attractive variegation at Mini Bathroom- DECORATING BATHROOM real is not hard. You can rely color combine. Not necessarily does ever apply color as toned as at bathroom. Bright color combines can make your bathroom perform difference.
Bathroom in takes photograph it can become inspiration. Its measure categorized mini, which is 1,2 m x 2 m. Not Measure becomes balks in creations at this bathroom. Attractive appearance will getable. Sunny color combines are gotten from ceramic purpose combines and paint.
Applying variegation at bathroom can give modern and dynamic image. Blue combine, red, orange, and white at this bathroom pretty observable regular despite of each color mutually afoul.
This appearance also getting lovely with white procession and mirror situating at one of wall. Mirror half that wall measure also functioning make wider observable bathroom.

Location: House at Bintaro, Tangerang


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