Friday, August 20, 2010

Stop Bathroom Accident

Stop Accident in Bathroom
Stop Bathroom Accident-Without realizing it, the bathroom is the most dangerous place than the other rooms in the house. Had countless accidents that occurred in either the bathroom simple shower room and modern bathroom.

bathroom photoStop Bathroom Accident-A 3-year-olds had drowned in the bathtub when the nurse was completing and doing other things. The child is cared for by servants because her parents worked.

The new maid child fosterage realized there was not and after looking everywhere the child was drowned in the bathtub in the bathroom was not breathing conditions. Suspect the child in climbing walls made pond that eventually fell wounded and fell in the pool bath. Read Comfortable bathroom for kids.

There is another story, a mother who weighs heavy fall in the bathroom. The mother's life was not saved because the house in quiet conditions.Stop Bathroom Accident- While the left-right neighbors can not hear the request for help because the driveway is wide enough so that neighbors can not hear the incident in the house.

Stop Bathroom Accident-According to statistics from the Aurora company in North Ridgeville, Ohio, at least 200,000 bathroom accidents occur each year in the U.S.. Accident in the bathroom is 70 percent of the accidents that occur at home.

Accidents in the bathroom as quoted eHow, Tuesday (23/2/2010) continue to happen. But unfortunately, many people often ignore the potential dangers in the bathroom. And the bathroom is only waiting for the accident. Stop Bathroom Accident

Bathrooms can be dangerous because the water is often spilled into the tile. Stop Bathroom Accident- Not to mention the slippery ubinnya make people often slip.

Many incidents of people who were bathing in the shower slip because of the slippery soap makes getting slippery tiles. Stop Bathroom Accident- Often the incidents of people falling into the bathroom at night waking time with sleep makes it not aware of the slippery tiles.

Stop Bathroom Accident-People can also seriously injured or fall because of the equipment in the bathroom, such as brushing the edges of the mirror there is no security, electric shock from a blow dryer or hit the sink because the position does not fit.

Let's not neglect safety in the bathroom. Some steps can be taken to avoid accidents in the bathroom.

1. Preventing slips and falls in the bathroom.
Use anti-slip rubber carpet and add a safety cushion in the tub to prevent slipping in bath tub.

2. Avoiding electrical hazards.
Water is a conductor, so you must be careful to use electronic equipment in the bathroom. Do not operate any equipment with wet hands.

3. Outlet not accessible from the child.
If the children use the bathroom, where the outlet is closed so that the child should not try to reach them.

4. Avoid heat in the bathroom.
How to install a temperature control valve and pressure. If the water is too hot in the shower can be regulated automatically.

5. Shelves and mirror in the bathroom should be in the proper position.
Do not impose a rack or a large mirror bathroom, if narrowly wide, then fell tersenggol danger is very possible that could make the injury. Stop Bathroom Accident-


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