Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tips on caring for and cleaning the bathroom.

Who said the bathroom clean and care is difficult and tiring? With a few tips below can help Mom's wishes to keep the bathroom clean and well groomed.

Cleaning and maintenance Bathtubs or water bath
* Bathtubs are already yellowing can be re-glazed with a mixed solution of salt and turpentine, rub, then rinse.
* Familiarise flowing water as hot as possible for some time, especially on the dirty part so easy to clean, then clean them with a way above.
* Get used to fill the bathtub with cold water first and then hot water, fill it with water if direct heat over time will be quickly cracked cracked bathtub.
* When the water bath and the tub had stains, immediately take alum then destroy. Mix with a little water to form a thick cream and then rubbing on stubborn stains. If the stain remains stubbornly give a little feeling of lemon or lime juice to cream alum. Apply this solution on the stain and let it dry. After that give more sense of a new lemon or lime juice rubbed. Finally rinse with clean water.

Cleaning the bathroom walls and floor
*Bathroom every day use, walls and floors need to wipe clean with a damp cloth with a little non-abrasive cleaning materials. After that, rinse with clean water. Do this every day.
*Another way could be by rubbing the bathroom floor with disinfectant.
*Or it could use the alum and the way the same as when cleaning the tub or shower basin.
*For Mom's house in which the water contains lime, it must be annoyed with the walls and limestone bathrooms are spotless. To eliminate water and salt to make a comparison: two then wipe the area stained with the salt solution.

Cleaning the toilet
*Pour a little bleach into the closet or sprinkle with powdered cleanser suitable. But do not go together because they can be dangerous. Then brush with a toilet brush.
*Clean the toilet seat with disinfectant.
*Clean the toilet with a toilet brush and then do not forget to rinse the brush with hot soapy water.
*If your toilet clogged, immediately buy as much as five pounds of salt, crush finely and sprinkle salt into the pit latrine. And closet back smoothly.

Cleaning and maintenance of water valves
*Rub the faucet with a cleanser for stainless steel. Then rinse with hot water. Wipe dry faucets.
*If the valves rather thick, chalk-stained, take the cotton and a few drops of vinegar. Cotton rubbing it on the faucet for several minutes. After that, leave on for 1 to 2 hours. Lime stains will dissolve.
*If your tap water is dirty, use cotton and a sheet of clear plastic. Punch a hole through the plastic and cotton input into it. Tie the mouth of the tap and water comes out of the faucet will be clean and clear.
*If your water faucet clogged, remove the faucet head and soak in vinegar overnight, then the dirt (calcification) that clog faucets will come out. After that, rinse with clean water and reinstall. This mode is effective when it taps began to ring when rotated.

quoted from: ibu dan anak


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