Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bathroom Designs Photo Gallery

Bathroom Designs Photo Gallery - There are my collections of bathroom designs photos, pictures. Before designing or remodeling your bathroom, perhaps the following bathroom designs photos can be a source of inspirations for you.

bathroom designs photo gallery
Contemporary Bathroom Design

bathroom designs photo gallery 2-bathroom interior lighting
bathroom lighting interior black

bathroom designs photo gallery 3 - Italian bathroom tiles
Italian tiles modern bathroom design

bathroom designs photo gallery 4 - tradisional bathrooms
Traditional Bathroom Design Picture

bathroom designs photo gallery 5
minimalist bathroom design

bathroom designs photo gallery 6
modern black white bathroom design

bathroom designs photo gallery 7
modern bathrooms designs

bathroom designs photo 1
modern luxurious bathroom interior design

bathroom designs photo 2
small bathroom design

bathroom designs photo 3
unique bathroom designs

bathroom designs pictures 1
traditional bathroom design corner tub

bathroom designs pictures 2
luxury bathroom designs
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hotel Style Bathroom Designs

Hotel Style Bathroom Designs-Stylish looks like hotels bathrooms-The bathroom has become one of the space for relaxation. Not just to clean themselves, the bathroom can also be a space to release fatigue.

Building a bathroom as well as the release of fatigue would require extra work.
Two main things needed are sanitary facilities, and good atmosphere. If two things are met, then the bathroom in the house can feel like a hotel or resort bathroom.

In building a bathroom, sanitary it is a major requirement. A comfortable bathroom can be said, if the facility in which to support user needs. In the case of the relaxation function into a modern style, a bathroom takes a shower area and tub shower. The presence of warm water into another absolute thing.

Designing the house, sometimes not as difficult as we thought. Inspiration can come from anywhere. For those who frequently visit the spa or sauna, will not be familiar with the long chair in the bathroom. This idea was quite interesting was applied at home. Look at the bathroom in the photo below.

hotel style bathroom designs
Hotel Style Bathroom

It does not have functioned as a place to enjoy the warmth of a steam bath. In the bathroom, at home, this lounger can be used as a place to put towels. Or as a place to sit, for your regular applying body lotion after bathing. The presence of the couch this could be interesting accent to your bathroom. Although trivial, its presence provides a different atmosphere or nuance of ordinary bathroom. Bathroom Designs( Anissa)
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Small Bathroom Interior Design

Small Bathroom Interior Design-Make Your Small Bathroom Look and Feel Larger. Interior Design for the Small Bathroom. There are few suggestions for small bathroom interior design. Unless you live in a custom-built home with a luxurious bath and dressing room, you probably wish you can feel comfort in your small bathroom. Change Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger.

Evaluating the Powder Room
Small Bathroom Interior Design-In most homes the powder bath is the main guest bathroom. Because it is a room that nearly every guest to the home will visit, it makes perfect sense to upgrade the finishes. In fact, some homeowners prefer spending more of their remodeling budget in the powder room than they do in the master bath; after all, guests do not generally visit their private spaces.
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Small Bathroom Interior Design-from EzineArticles:
If you know much about basic aesthetic design in the art of interior décor, you certainly know that light colors (especially white) will make any room look larger. This is why many rooms in homes all over the world will have white or light -colored walls. Many people, unfortunately, have been held back by the misconception that there is nothing he or she can do about colored bathroom tiles when that person cannot afford to replace them - except to purchase matching shower curtains. Believe it or not, there is more you can do for your bathroom than you think.

As a matter of fact, colored tiles can be quite effectively and inexpensively painted over. This absolutely alters the overall space appearance of your bathroom. Most shower curtains are incredibly inexpensive - even the fancier ones can be purchased at a very reasonable cost. Therefore, lightening the bathroom tiles, replacing your shower curtains can be a great way to improve your bathroom. But this is only the beginning of it. There are many ways to improve your bathroom - no matter what type of ambiance you are going for. Small Bathroom Interior Design

Sometimes people prefer white walls to expand the look of the room. However, pale colors will also expand the look of the room as well as add to the ambiance, a color scheme you can work with. The beauty of your bathroom can be accentuated by a row of pale yellow tiles - or perhaps a light blue tile scheme to accentuate the blue soaps, candles and other accessories. Choose your perfect bathroom - uncover the beauty and comfort that can come from even a small space.

Small Bathroom Interior Design-There are many kinds of bathroom equipment and accessories that may be good for your bathroom decor. However, at the same time -- some things (such as towel caddies and plant stands) can take up to much space and have a bad aesthetic effect. Extra, move-able items that provide space for toiletries and other bathroom items can sometimes be more of a complication than a help. This is especially the case when you have a small bathroom.

Your bathroom can be a kind of sanctuary. It is a place where you can relax and unwind in the bath. Take your time in the soothing comfort of an invigorating shower. Prepare for your day in the utmost tranquility with the ambiance of your choice. With small additions: everything from small rugs, toilet - seat covers, soap dishes, and mush more - you can have the bathroom you always wanted without breaking your budget.

Small Bathroom Interior Design tips by Anne Clarke
Source: Article Source:

The result of a remodel, this small bathroom rates high in design style and functionality. While the vertical cabinet provides an abundance of storage space, the lower cabinet serves as a perfect base for a clean and simple vessel sink. We love the scale and uncomplicated appearance of the large bathroom wall tiles. A sleek wall-mount faucet and linear toilet complete this modern bathroom makeover.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bathroom Natural Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Natural Cleaning Tips-Cleaning the base of health. Yes .. and cultural life of clean, healthy living will get us. Keeping the body and environment to stay healthy, one with how to use anything that is environmentally friendly.

So we must be smart in choosing what we can use so as not to endanger the environment we live. Because, right now a lot of cleaning materials such as ceramic floor cleaning materials that contain hazardous chemicals. Cleaning the bathroom using environmentally friendly materials? Can really. We can use the equipment and materials dishwasher (washing equipment in the kitchen cooking tool) to clean the bathroom tile and sink.

Prepare washing equipment and materials such as:

1.Spons or plastic bags: to make foam for easy on and apply soap to the floor, wall or bathroom tub to be in the clear
2. Liquid soap / dab commonly used for washing dishes. Do not use detergent because it will make the floor slippery and will require a lot of water to clean.
3. Ash pan or a wire brush washer
Combine all ingredients with water. Use a sponge or plastic for foamed. Smeared onto the floor or wall, then rub with a wire. Finally rinse with clean water. Good luck.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Stop Bathroom Accident

Stop Accident in Bathroom
Stop Bathroom Accident-Without realizing it, the bathroom is the most dangerous place than the other rooms in the house. Had countless accidents that occurred in either the bathroom simple shower room and modern bathroom.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Choosing a Stylish Bathroom Vanity

Choosing a Stylish Bathroom Vanity

stylish bathroom vanity
stylish bathroom vanity
Your ordinary bathroom can be transformed into a relaxing, spa-like getaway with a few decorative additions that combine function with aesthetic beauty. There are many different styles and designs you can implement into your bathroom remodel. You can significantly enhance the look of your bathroom with a new, stylish vanity and sink.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may elect to have a small pedestal sink. This can save a lot of space in guest bathrooms or bathrooms that are on the smaller side. There are many styles of pre-cast sinks that can sit atop a pedestal. Colors range from the most common of black and white to almost any custom color that you can imagine. Combining a unique sink style and shape to a pedestal can create an artistic and space-saving look that is both decorative and functional.
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Tips for Installing bathroom vanity

Tips for Installing Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanities
bathroom vanities
Are you bored with your bathroom interiors and looking for ways to revamp it? If yes, then a quick renovation may be on the cards for you. Nothing boosts up the feel of a place better than a quick renovation. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for refurbishing your bathing space or just intending to update the accessories, a quick change here and a little add on there can leave your bathing space as good as new!.Sometimes replacing an old vanity or just installing a new one can add whole new meaning to your bathing experience. The options for bathroom vanities are quite endless and you can surely get one to match your taste and décor. And the good news is that, you can buy it and fix it all on your own. If you have been enamored with the bespoke bathroom and bath fittings that pop on the décor magazines, here is your chance to add some life to your personal bathing space. You don’t need to indulge into a spending spree to get your bathroom refurbished. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get going on the task of installing your own bathroom vanity. Read on to know more.
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