Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unique Bathtubs for Bathroom Vanities

Here are some unique bathtubs to be considered to complement your bathroom vanity.

1. Spa Styles Bathtub
unique bathtubs-spa_styles
These egg shaped container, introduced by Roca, is big enough to contain your body mass, but the catch is, you should have enough room in your bathroom to contain it. This cocoon has more to offer than you can imagine, it has LEDs in it, which light up according to your mood and help in de-stressing your body with the color therapy. The shower nozzle lets out a spray which would make you feel that you are in a rain forest.

2. Vascabarca Boat Shaped Bathtub
unique bathtub_2-boat shaped

This unique bathtub design can be the center of your bathroom. Just look at the boat shaped bathtub, the designer call it Vascabarca, this is what happen when art enters the bathroom. Only available in limited number, each of them was carved from a single monlithic block of stone, they can be personalized with your name on the stern.

3. Wasauna GLASS Bathtub
unique bathtub 3-wasauna glass

Wasauna GLASS Bathtub, 2 person, Mixing the modern flair of stainless with the sophistication of glass, the Glass Bathtub promises to add standout style to any powder room, Truly transparent sides create a unique bathing experience, a chrome faucet and standalone shower wand further soothe the senses, Made of Pilkington glass and stainless steel (GLASS GLAS).

4. The Madera wood bathtubs
unique bathtubs 4-madera wood bathtub

Gorgeous deep baths carved from sensual wood, the Madera Wood Bathtub by WS Bath Collections brings sculptural hand-crafted beauty to your bathroom. The dramatic free-standing designs glow with the vitality of natural wood. The laminated layers of wood create a pallet of grains and colour to create a distinctive shifting surface. Each a unique work of art, the Madera Wood Bathtub is passionately polished and oiled for a high-quality finish. Offered in a range of distinctive forms like round, oval and rectangular, the Madera Bathtub complements a wide range of modern styles. Available from WS Bath Collections in brilliant woods like larch, beech, mahogany, cedar, cherry, walnut, wenge and teak, the Madera wood bathtub offers a unique personal touch to luxurious modern bathrooms.

5. UFO Stainless Steel BathTub
unique bathtubs 5-UFO stailess_style bathtub

Designed by the Benedini Associati, the Ufo stainless steel bathtub is a unique addition to any bathroom. In keeping with a more classic style of bathtubs, the Ufo comes standard with a polished stainless steel interior and exterior. But for those of you like me who enjoy the style but prefer a less sterile feel, this tub is also available with a white enamel interior and black enamel exterior.

6. Jacuzzi Morphosis Luxury Bathtubs
unique_bathtubs 4-morphosis luxury
Jacuzzi® proposes a unique bathroom design. Morphosis luxury sanitary ware features soft and cosy shapes designed to envelop the body in relaxing harmony. Fluid shapes that embrace the body and mind. A perfectly harmonic blend of creativity and the most advanced technology. A Jacuzzi® bathtub that is as cosy as a mother’s lap, as evocative as a luminous sculpture, full of solutions and sensations you have never experienced before.

7. Utuwa Bathtub by Spiritual Mode
unique bathtub 7-utawa bathtub
If you are looking for a bathtub design that stands out then you should take a look at these unique bathtubs designed by Japanese company Spiritual Mode. The Utuwa bathtub is a unique bathtub that boasts lots of room and even more in the way of style. Straying from the conventional tub, the sculptural shape and clean, contemporary lines make it a modern focal point in the bathroom. The tub’s cool kidney shape is complemented by a built-in seat, blending beauty and function.

8. The Shoe Bathtub by SICIS
unique bathtube 8-shoe bathtub
Brilliant, sexy and simply divine, are among the few things that define the Shoe Bathtub from Milan-based SICIS. Presented at the Salone del Mobile this spring, it looks like a nude hill. Made in Italy from very tiny glass tiles, less than a tenth of an inch each, the shoe bathtub is adorned in an artistic way with beautiful mosaic tiles that add the chic factor to your regular bath. A work of art that salutes the classic “pump” shoe, it must be the perfect addition for a woman in love with shoes, or for the style conscious. Right?

9. Stone Bathtub
unique bathtub 9- stone bathtub
Stone Forest makes some amazing bathtubs and sinks. Basically they take a giant rock and hollow it out. The end result is, as you can see, stunning(ly heavy). It would be very cool to have a bathroom designed in such a manner that this sort of tub fit in. Stay tuned for a post about some very cool tiles later on, some of them might go well with these beasts. Gracias Neatorama.

I get all this information from various sources, and I wrote back in this blog. I hope the information about the unique bathtubs can help you who are looking for unique bathtubs for your bathroom vanity.

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