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How To Begin Bathroom Remodel and Renovation

This useful articles about bathroom renovations and remodel.

How to Begin a Bathroom Renovation?
Follow this step by step instructions.
bathroom renovations
bathroom renovations

Instructions to Begin a Bathroom Renovation

Step 1 Begin a Bathroom Renovation
Making the decision to redo the bathroom can be a difficult task. It can take a lot of money to begin a bathroom renovation. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration such as what fixtures to replace along with colors and tile choices. Once these considerations have been answered, the actual renovations can begin.

1. The first step is to remove any fixtures that are going to be replaced. Make sure that all electricity and water sources are turned off before beginning. If there is going to be a new sink, tub and toilet, removed those and either sell them or take them to a recycle yard where they can be used again. Take down all walls and floor tiles so that all that is left is bare walls and flooring.

Step 2 Begin a Bathroom Renovation
2. Clean and prepare where the fixtures and tiles have been removed. Any leftover caulk or grout should be removed or sanded down to expose the walls and floors. Everything should be clean and ready for painting. Before putting in the new fixtures paint the walls and prime any areas that need it. Allow the paint to dry before moving on.

Step 3 Begin a Bathroom Renovation
3. After the paint has dried and is cured properly, install the new fixtures according to the manufacturer's instructions. Allow time for the fixtures to settle into their new places. The final step is putting in the new tiling for the walls and floors. Once the grout has set, decorate the room according the plan.

That is all there is to start and finish a bathroom renovation. While the steps seem small, they are necessary to complete the job. Anyone who has the time and the know how to read instructions can complete their own bathroom renovations quite easily. It just takes some time and a little muscle to have an entirely new bathroom.

bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel
How to Remodel Your Master Bathroom?
Now is the time to plan on remodeling your master bathroom.

Instructions to Remodel Your Master Bathroom

Step 1 Remodel Your Master Bathroom
If you have a master bathroom that is cramped, outdated or just plain uninviting, a remodel may be called for, as you will find that even the smallest changes will have a big impact on your daily routine.

Here are a few master bathroom remodeling ideas that can be completed relatively easily with the help of a bathroom remodeling specialist.

Create More Space
If space is a problem in your master bathroom, consider having a bathroom remodeling specialist come in and help you try to figure out if it has any potential for outward expansion. If you cannot gain any actual square footage you can create the illusion of more space by taking out a wall and adding a window. Skylights are also another way to brighten up a dark bathroom and give it a light, airy feel.

Step 2 Remodel Your Master Bathroom

Storage Space/Vanity Unit
Solve Storage Problems

Take your bathroom from cluttered to chic by adding new storage solutions. If space is at a premium, a tall thin shelving unit can give you all the storage space you need without taking up too much precious square footage. You can also gain storage space by having shelving built right into the walls, between the studs or by having tilt out cabinetry built around your bathtub.

Step 3 Remodel Your Master Bathroom
Change the Flooring
Ceramic tile is an attractive choice for a bathroom floor but many feel that it is simply too cold to walk on. Radiant floor heating works very well in the bathroom and helps to keep the whole room at an even, comfortable temperature. Full carpeting is rarely a good choice for a busy bathroom as even the most expensive brands tend to rot and mold as a result of the continual moisture in the area.

Add a Few Spa Touches Repainting your bathroom in a softer hue instantly creates a more relaxing atmosphere and adding a few splashes of bright color with towels and bathroom accessories makes for a pulled together look. Having a dimmer switch installed to control the lighting in the room allows you to change in an instant from the bright light you need to do your morning makeup to a soft glow to enhance the pleasure of a relaxing bath .

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