Friday, June 25, 2010

Decorate your bathroom in order to be Beautiful and Inspiring

Do not let the plain-decorated bathroom. Take advantage of the corners of the space available.

You must agree, that the bathroom is also needed to be made comfortable and beautiful. Especially for some residents who often get inspiration when in the bathroom.
Bathroom Decor

There are many ways you can do to decorate the bathroom. The main steps of advance notice that there are elements in the bathroom. Afterward, combine existing elements with accents will be added later.

For example, decorative accents can be added on the floor by using different materials. Mix of stone, white coral stone, and ceramic floors are still interesting. This difference makes the parts clearly mapped bathroom.

For example in the photo, there are three ingredients to the floor there. In the shower area, used as a floor of mosaic tiles, the toilet area from the stone floor, and the garden area, there is coral. Combination of all three to make the bathroom look beautiful.

In addition to material on the floor games, decorations can be added to the walls. Differences in cement materials, wall paint, and ceramic wall remains attractive. This material difference is also mapped the regions in the bathroom. On a plain wall can be added with your favorite pictures to put in there. bathroom. Place the plant is also in one corner of the bathroom. Plants that give the impression of life and freshness to the bathroom.

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