Friday, June 25, 2010

Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

You would think, a small bathroom feel cramped and it was not healthy! That was back! Let's consider the following:
1. First exhaust must be made in this small room.  Highly functioning exhaust fan will eliminate the lack of fresh air. Combine switch with bathroom lighting. Secured no odor!
2. Replace tub with shower. The tub will take up the place so it will feel cramped. Wear a plastic curtain so water do not terciperat everywhere.

3. Because of space limitations, may not be installed at the sink in the small bathroom was tiny. So just shower and toilet.
4. Make a wall rack for toothbrushes and other deviant as well as soap and towel rack. All this not to be splashed water shower.
5. Floor and wall colors should be bright colors that can give the impression widely in the small room. Do not forget good lighting so that all apparent.
6. Placement of the mirror in the bathroom is a good idea. Spacious bathroom will look. Find a good place for this mirror.

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