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Bathrooms Building Tips to impress Field

The following are some tips to build a bathroom to make it look spacious and comfortable. This tips for building a bathroom I quote from the consultation architecture in Eramuslim site.
tips before build bathroom

For tips on healthy bathroom and comfortable, once I discuss in the beginning I wrote in this column, but there is no harm if we refresh again so that will complement each other.

Bathroom Separation Area Sanitary & Elections

Like I've ever reviewed, you must determine in advance whether you will create a dry or wet bathroom because if you want a bathroom that is dry, it must be separated for wet areas such as shower or bath bathup and dry area for the closet and sink. Separation of wet and dry areas can use the shower box or if you want more simple then can use the insulating glass. If it's possible, I do not recommend the use of the bath, because it will cause water reservoir that can be bertelurnya where dengue mosquitoes. But if the room is only possible to use the bath, so make two bucket-sized bathtub with water depth, easily accessible (approximately 30 x 50 x 30 cm), making it easy for drained and cleaned.

Judging from the size of your bathroom is quite small 1.4 mx 1.8 m, the components that can be used sanitary shower box, closet and sink. Pick the white color because white is for sanitary neutral color that is consistent when combined with any color of the walls and floor. Besides the color white is clean and very easy to see the changes if we are lazy to clean it. The shape and size of sanitary area also needs to be adjusted to the bathroom so the bathroom does not become more narrow with the election of improper sanitary.

Bathrooms Floor and Wall Material Choice

Material selection also cover the walls and floors are now a wide range, all can be adjusted with a budget that you have. From the beginning of ceramic, granite tile to granite or marble original. If you choose ceramic, ceramic choose first class, for better results. To facilitate the choice of colors, you can choose a set of tiles that are sold with a particular theme which is a combination of floor, wishy, bottom wall, the wall lists the middle and top. But there is no harm in also if you create own color blend to your liking.

To get the texture and color of the original granite wall like you can choose granite tile as an alternative to the next option. This material is thicker than the ceramic and has a nat (meeting) is more subtle as well as original granite. Because grout is almost not visible, then the more room looked clean and spacious. Color choice is not too varied, so you are more easy to choose colors that blend harmoniously.

If your budget allows, the original marble or granite can be an option. Marble has a texture that is more patterned than granite, so if you prefer a minimalist concept for your bathroom, use of granite is more suitable to be applied.

Bathroom Color Selection

Dark or bright color combination is not a problem to get an impression of spacious bathrooms and comfortable. Go ahead if you prefer a darker color above all bathrooms have adequate lighting. You can use halogen lamps in the corners of the room and add a mirror to neutralize the impression of a narrow width due to the effects of such a dark color.

Another thing to note is the use of coarse-textured ceramic or granite tile for the floor so unpolish not slippery when wet. Ceramics wall should also be full up to the ceiling to the bathroom easy to clean.

Bathrooms Ceramics Settings

Arrange the distribution of ceramic grout lines starting from the middle of the room so the rest of the ceramic pieces in every corner becomes symmetrical. If you use the size of ceramic floor and wall grout lines are different, so floors and walls are not met, then you can install ceramic floor tile with a diagonal position. Using a border or frame around the floor with ceramic tile floor that is cut smaller and darker in color is also one trick to divert the floor and wall grout lines. If using ceramic size 30 cm x 30 cm, the border can be sized 10 / 15 cm x 30 cm, while for the size 40 cm x 40 cm, the border size 10/15 cm x 40 cm.

Distinguishing ceramic wall above the bottom and also one of the tricks to make bathrooms more beautiful. Use the older colored tiles on the bottom and the color in the upper younger. The height can vary according to size of wall tiles are used, but should be above the sink. The second meeting of differently colored ceramic tiles are separated by the same list that can be colored with border tiles on the floor or with different motifs and colors. My advice is choose the color of ceramic colors in order derivative of more harmonious combination.

Calculating Needs Ceramics

In order for the material needs are not excessive or lack of, you also need to create a design in accordance with the needs of ceramic floor and wall area. You must calculate the amount for each ceramic floor and wall areas. The simplest way is to make the size of each area of floor and wall on the paper with the aid of a ruler with a scale of 1:20 means that if the size of 1.4 mx 1.8 m floor then you must make the field on paper 7 cm x 9 cm. If you use ceramic size 30 cm x 30 cm dikertas then you must create a line 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm. Split start from the middle of the field to the side edge and hitungah number of boxes that are divided into these areas. Remaining tiles on the right and left can you assume as a piece of ceramic and the sum of each piece to obtain an intact ceramic box. After getting a total of ceramic then add 5% for a backup in case of damage, because you have bought ceramics produced only once, so it will be difficult if there is a shortage. If you use the 30x30 size tiles in his first m2 or a box there are 11 pieces of ceramic tiles and 40x40 sizes used if there are six pieces of ceramic. Divide the total number of tiles you count the results with the number of tiles per m2 / per box so you can know the amount m2 of ceramic / boxes to be purchased.


Lighting is an equally important component to increase the aesthetics of the bathroom. If the ceramics used dark-colored walls, better lighting is much brighter than if using a light-colored ceramic. Also you could add such local lights above the mirror-angle corner of the room or with indirect lighting (indirect lighting) if you use a drop ceiling on the ceiling. For local lights you can use any kind of yellowish halogen lights.

Air Circulations

Making air ventilation in the bathroom, also a key condition to keep the bathroom clean and healthy. If the bathrooms are on the side walls that are not in contact with the outside space, it must use a cast van exhaust dirty air through the ceiling. Therefore, wherever possible when designing a bathroom in the house, situated must be flanked by outer space so that air can enter freely exit the bathroom was not so humid and stuffy.

Sanitary Ware

For other sanitary fixtures such as faucets, showers and floor drains are made of stainless steel pick because in addition to more robust, maintenance is also not difficult and will add to the aesthetic appearance to your bathroom. In the market, sanitary equipment is a lot of shapes and design options which you can customize to your bathroom theme.


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