Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bathroom Renovation Tips

The bathroom is one room in the house which most require special attention because through the bathroom we can measure how clean or joroknya the owner. activity was always associated with wet need to do is make a careful treatment.

However there are several reasons why we should renovate the bathroom.

1. Replacing the damaged element or had not functioned

This is one of very rational reasons why people renovate bathrooms. which are often decayed wood frame because it is often doused water, toilet and a vest worn damaged, paint a wall that began to fade due to moisture in a bathroom, a leaky tanks, bathroom floors are slippery and dull start or seeped, are some reason why we should renovate the bathroom.

2. Changing Models

Bathrooms are made concurrent with the houses built tens of years already. when new, the bathroom was probably the model trend or preferred by many people because of the style. but after a few years, the model turns out the bathroom and other equipment are outdated.

3. Want to get a different atmosphere

A dark bathroom with ceramic tiles, size small (20x20) certainly suggests that the old bathroom. especially if the colors and models are outdated. change the color of bathroom walls from light to dark or vice versa. or replace the motives of the plain into the flowers or replace the bathroom wall with a picture of the wall so that the atmosphere is much different than the previous. The new atmosphere also be obtained from the change of accessories, lighting and decorations in the bathroom.

4. Want to get a broad impression

The size or extent of the bathroom can also influence, in order to impress a better wide use only accessories needed to in the bathroom. but if it has a large spacious bathroom that will not be a problem.

5. Want to add function

The bathroom was not merely to clean up or dispose of the body we add hajat. Many bathroom functions as a therapy for example by placing rocks to massage the feet or reflection.

wooww ... can feel at home in the bathroom ...

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