Sunday, June 20, 2010

Creating a Beautiful Bathroom

BATH routine we do every day. However, so often, sometimes we are not trying to increase the quality of activities that cleanse the body.

Yet while showering we can obtain benefits, not just refresh the body and mind. However, we also obtained a fun atmosphere and feelings in the bath, ie by creating a beautiful bathroom.

A good shower will make you enjoy the bath and make yourself ready to work all day. To be able to enjoy a real bath, so we can decorate the bathroom properly. We can create a natural atmosphere, or heaven on earth by creating an atmosphere associated with freshness, and cool, fun, peace, and order or harmony.

The things below as elements in bathroom design need to be given good treatment in order to achieve the desired atmosphere. The first is the color scheme, layout color scheme that is used as an attractor of attention (eye catching), will define the look cool and refreshing atmosphere.

Should choose a color theme between the wall color, flooring, faucet tap-taps and bathroom accessories in one color combination that is suitable and consistent. White color scheme is a good idea and can be selected in order to create the impression is clean and fresh and can be easily reconciled with other colors in the room.

White blend with blue eyes and also can refresh your body. Use lists or border and accents on ceramic wall can also be a value-added. While for accent in the bathroom, you can use bright colors or flashy to wear on the accessories or bathroom mirror frames.

Both lighting. For the lighting that is used should be illuminate or giving light evenly, so you can see yourself clearly in the bath.

Proper lighting or lighting can make yourself feel fresh in the bath. There are a variety of lighting that can be used to illuminate the dressing table or mirror, began lighting the traditional to modern. Place or lamp holder must be given to correct height so it can brighten your whole face without creating shadows under your eyes. Illumination for vanity is more intended to illuminate your face and not to illuminate the mirror.

Third, penghawaan or ventilation. Intensive air exchange is needed in the bathroom because it has a high moisture level. Windows can be opened wide, or that have sufficient openings will greatly help reduce the humidity.

Fourth, the floor material. Floor used for bathrooms have nice views and not the main slick, strong, not easily broken, and has high endurance. Pick a pretty and beautiful to the eye. The floor must withstand impact and easy to clean.

Fifth is the cabinet table. In addition to putting useful for storing and bath goods, the table is also useful to add a beautiful cabinet bathroom design. Making things neat and in order so it is easy to store and search again.

Cabinet table is available in various shapes and sizes, and can be used to add symmetry or regularity of shape and add strength to the theme of the room, also the style adopted in the bathroom. Whether it's antique, classic, or modern.

You also can select and customize it with themes that apply to your bathroom. Sink or sinks are used are also diverse. There are made of stainless steel, glass, porcelain, granite or marble. Can shape your own choosing, either stand alone or attached to the table. Once again, choose one that matches the theme and style used in your bathroom.

Sixth of showers. Shower can be selected using the partition walls or glass or a combination. For the glass, usually used in special hinges affixed to glass and can be opened in both directions. While other glass wall fixed and immobile, embedded in the floor and wall or ceiling.

For this type of glass, tempered glass is typically used to avoid the things that are not desirable if the rupture. For a narrow area, usually used types of corner shower to save space.

Lastly, the bathroom accessories. The most important element in creating a comfortable atmosphere in the bath is the accessory. Use of bathroom accessories essential role in creating the overall atmosphere of the bathroom.


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