Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 Unique Bathroom Accessories

There are so many unique bathroom accessories to beautify your home. For those who are looking for bathroom accessories to decorate your new bathrooms, maybe a few accessories below can give you the idea to decorate the bathroom.

bathroom accessory-bath soap holder shaped nose

What is more ridiculous than where your friends this nose-shaped liquid soap? With green soap, then this tool will be exactly like green snot coming out of the nose. Your child would love it so save your energy for only bothered to ask them to bathe.

Waterproof Notepad
bathroom accessories-waterproof notepad
Certainly not a few people who got the idea in the bath but the idea was lost / forgotten instantly when finished bathing. Do not let it happen to you. Now existing waterproof notepad so that you can write your idea on the spot.

Heat-Sensitive LED Shower Light
bathroom accessory-LED shower light

With this shower LEAD lights you do not need more complicated only for a hot bath. Turn on the shower and the lights will tell you that water is still cold or have been hot. The blue color indicates the water is still cold and the red color of the water is already hot.

iPod Stereo Dock and Toilet Paper Holder
ipod stereo dock bathroom accessory
 For iPod lovers, this gadget is well suited to information technology. You can bring your iPod without worrying about your iPod fell on the bathroom floor or in the toilet bowl.

Shower Sponge Microphone
shower sponge microphone
For those who always felt he only had a melodious voice when singing in the shower but melodious voice is lost when out of the bathroom, then the bubble-shaped mic is perfect for you.

Toilet Seat Heater
toilet seat heater

Ever sat on the toilet seat and feel cold? This toilet seat that can provide a sense of warmth, so you no longer toilet was cold but warm all the time.

Toothpaste Dispenser
toothpaste dispenser
Certainly a lot of wives who complain that the pasta is always missing cap and toothpaste to dry. This is the most suitable tool, so no longer need a headache thinking about the toothpaste cap and toothpaste no longer dry without a lid.

Goatee Saver
Goatee saver
Glance it seems this tool is only a toy. But the mustache shaver is your truth. So you do not have to shave it again manually with your hand, but this machine will shave your mustache in accordance with the model that you have previously set.

Butt / Face Towel
butt/face towel
It's unique bathroom accessories. Many people who had been amused when the towel was used to wipe your buttocks are used again to wipe away. With this towel, which will be obvious who to wipe your buttocks and which ones to advance.

Blood Bath Shower Curtain
Blood BATH Shower Curtain

For those who still love to sleepiness during the morning shower, this shower curtain to refresh you instantly. With his design a lot of blood, you will be surprised that your brain instantly refreshed again.

Hopefully, these 10 unique bathroom accessories can provide inspiration for you who are looking for unique accessories for the bathroom vanity.


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