Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Small Bathroom Shall Remain Functional

Small bathroom is not a shortage, how come. Size may be small, but must remain functional and comfortable.

small bathroom
Today, on housing in urban areas, there is rarely a large bathroom. Except the house that was standing on land large enough. Small bathroom are often considered less comfortable. When it should be large or small size, remain to be functional and comfortable. How ya do that?

 In a book called Practical Ideas for Kitchens and Bathrooms is said that a small bathroom can also be comfortable and functional. This requires ingenuity in arranging their owners.

When arranging a bathroom, one important point is to avoid dead land. That is, not to get wasted land. Take advantage of all the angles are as effective as possible. But do not put any cabinet or shelf, yes. If it was not necessary, do not hesitate to get rid of him.

Color choices also have a big impact, you know. Choice of pale colors applied once fitted in the narrow-sized bathroom. Why? Because dark colors make a room seem more cramped. If want to stick with dark colors do not apply to parts of the room is dominant, like a wall.

The bathroom in this photo for example, measuring 2.5 mx2m. Although relatively small, the bathroom was still functioning optimally. Color choice white as dominant color, making it appear brighter, cleaner, and relief. The black color is applied as a counterweight. Let us not forget the role of the mirror and use of materials on the glass shower area. Both make the bathroom feel more "lightweight".

Location: Unit Example Permata Hijau Residence, Permata Hijau, West Jakarta

Source : ideaonline

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